World Encephalitis Day: Where are we in 2023?

  This post is a follow up to World Encephalitis Day: Where are we in 2022? For context, I’d encourage you to read that post first. Be forewarned that you should probably find another corner…

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World Encephalitis Day: Where are we in 2022?

What follows below is commentary on what I’ve noticed occurring in the AE world as a patient with an encephalitis-wearied set of eyes.  ***Please take what I say with a grain of salt, do your own research, and talk to your own medical providers. I’m not an authority; I’m just a fellow AE survivor partially reflecting insights collected from others, and partially adding in a dash of my own spice.***

Every day I’m celebratin’ 🎵 | Monthly Resilience Report: February 2021

Have you ever tried to compress ~10 months of life into a single month’s worth of time?

Things uh, get a little chaotic 😅

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